Seniors & “New to Computers” Training Solutions

Computer Training for Seniors & New Users

Computer Training for Seniors & New Users

Want to stay in touch with family and friends?

We understand how intimidating the world of computers can be and our training is designed to make you feel comfortable while you learn the ins and outs of “cyberspace”.

Learning to use the basics of your Windows computer can open up the entire world to you.

You can send Email messages instantly or use your computer as a telephone to call anywhere in the world for free on Skype.  Use Facebook to see photos and chat with family and friends and use Google to search for information on anything you like.

Imagine how easy it could be to learn with a personal instructor sitting right beside you to guide you through our step-by-step lessons.

Microsoft Windows Foundation

Windows Training

Our Windows Foundation course will help you become familiar with using computers generally. You will learn basic text skills and how to use the internet and email.  Be comfortable knowing you can “surf the ‘net” safely.

Custom Training

When you know exactly what you need to learn our custom training is for you. We can create a training program to fit your requirements and your budget.

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